Hi, I am Trisha Jay

I’m a NYC based Luxury Wedding Photographer with a passion and an eye for things beautiful, awe inspiring, and timeless. My obsession with photography started in my college years during my travels around the world. From Europe to Africa and Asia, I was immersed in the beauty of each country I visited, fascinated with capturing it's culture and eager to tell the story of its people through my photographs. These experiences have made me appreciate life so much and have taught me to always live in the moment, capture it & cherish the memories.

Fast forward to 2014, while learning and perfecting my craft, I decided to take on professional photography full time and it's the best decision I have ever made. My love for travel inspired me to photograph my own journey and now I get to do the same for my amazing clients. Documenting their love stories with a unique artistic approach and being a part of the most important day of their life fuels my soul. Who can say they "love" their job? Not many, yet I can definitely say "I do". I am practically married to it (lol) I guess that's why Weddings are my specialty!

Photography is truly my passion & my goal is to showcase this very passion through my imagery. I strongly believe in Divine timing, manifestation, positive affirmations, vision boards & the power of having a "great attitude". Basically, living your life to your fullest potential.

Raised in Brooklyn, NY with that NYC attitude (No, we're not mean! Fuhgeddaboudit) I love old world architecture, outdoor strolls, sunsets in the summer time, pumpkin lattes in the fall, Nicholas Sparks movies (watched them all at least a million times), endless dark chocolate and lava cakes (really, not kidding) & Mexican food (who doesn't like a good taco?)

Let's just say my clients remind me of how beautiful life really is. I love to share in the joy of Engaged couples and witness their journey up to and through the Big Day. Being able to preserve tangible memories for my clients is truly an honor. Mostly, I love their reaction when I share images with them for the first time. The happy tears remind me how important my job truly is.

Planning and Customizing each and every event to create images that stand the 'test of time' is what I do best. I hope you always cherish life, savor your moments, and keep their memories sacred. Thank you for including me in your journey.


Your biggest cheerleader! Planner, Believer, Destination Wedding Photographer, Globe Trotter, Animal lover, Genuine Soul, Passionate Business Woman & Abundant Dreamer.

"Choosing Trisha as our Wedding photographer was the best decision that we have made!"



“People say she is the best photographer for a reason. Her style is timeless, chic, effortless but glamorous and modern at the same time. I have to say my experience has been nothing short of amazing. She was so easy to work with and so pleasant. We received our Sneak Peek with about 100 photos within a day of our wedding. Besides her personality, her pictures are insanely beautiful and can't stop looking at them. can't stop looking at them! I am so elated that she was my photographer. Thank you Trisha.”

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